Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the new government advice and legislature, the church has had to make some changes to the way it currently works. 

Weddings and Baptisms
Weddings and Baptisms are not going to be happening during the period of lockdown as recommended by the government.  This is because these celebrations would require a group of more than two people to be present. Please continue to contact us for future bookings but keep in mind that we may need to refuse these bookings if they are for the time where we are asked not to have gatherings larger than 2 people in public. 

Funerals are still happening in some capacity, but not happening at the Church building. One of our priests can preside at a graveside or crematorium funeral with the correct social distancing procedures. Only immediate family can attend with appropriate social distancing. Please continue to contact us for these inquiries. 

Charlie Wheeler, 24/03/2020